Cancer Immunotherapy Named “Breakthrough of the Year” by Science Magazine

It’s unusual for Science Magazine to select a clinical healthcare innovation as its overall scientific breakthrough.  But the editorial accompanying the December 2013 announcement of Cancer Immunotherapy notes that harnessing the body’s own immune system to fight cancer represents a major advance over traditional cancer therapies.  Immunotherapy research has spawned dozens of clinical trials for [read more]

iMedicine: Apps For Research and for Hospitals

One indication that mobile health adoption is at a tipping point: the number of events held to promote, discuss and understand the opportunity of improving health outcomes through mobile. Even more telling, the predictions about physician and patient adoption that were made at mobile health events during the past several years have often been exceeded, [read more]

Better Health, Mobile Health: iMedicine and Mobile Life Sciences World Summit

I recently attended the iMedicine and Mobile Life Sciences World Summit in Waltham, Massachusetts. There were a range of speakers and panels – from start-ups to hospitals to agencies, from entrepreneurs to physicians to lawyers. Here are some of the takeaways worth considering in the light of the future trajectory of mobile health adoption and [read more]

Preparing for Medical Disasters – Lessons from the National Disaster Medical System

When disaster strikes, you hope that Capt. Allen Dobbs, MD and his colleagues are on board the next military aircraft headed in your direction.  At the recent HIMSS12 Conference in Las Vegas, MedHealthWorld interviewed Dobbs who is Chief Medical Officer of the National Disaster Medical System’s Office of Preparedness and Emergency Operations, all a part [read more]

BodyMedia Equips Users With Information Necessary to Make Health and Wellness Changes

Monitoring progress is absolutely essential to achieving weight loss and to successfully maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The difficulty lies in selecting which information to log and just what to make of it all. Enter BodyMedia FIT. Body monitoring system developer BodyMedia has created an armband that dually monitors physical and physiological activity (and inactivity) to [read more]

Based upon a survey of 200 IT professionals and more than 200 caregivers at large hospitals, a new CDW Healthcare report finds that 84 percent of caregivers feel that patient care is improved by using healthcare information technologies. Further, healthcare IT solutions are getting better. Caregivers rate systems installed during the last 18 months as [read more]

AT&T ForHealth Exec, Randall Porter, Discusses 2012 Healthcare Priorities

MedHealthWorld spoke with Randall Porter, Assistant Vice President of AT&T ForHealth at the 2012 HIMSS Conference in Las Vegas.  Mr. Porter has been with AT&T for 15 years and is now responsible for AT&T ForHealth. As a long-time AT&T veteran, Porter related how several years ago, AT&T saw that healthcare would become a burgeoning market.  [read more]

Quantifying The Financial Risk of Privacy Breach

How much should a company handling Protected Health Information (PHI)[1] spend to protect itself from a data breach?  Businesses typically use quantitative methods such as Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return and Payback Period to make investment decisions.  But investments to prevent breaches of PHI have until now relied on compliance arguments and subjective [read more]

General Electric's VEO Technology Changes The Rules of CT Technology, Providing High Quality Imagery With Low Doses

General Electric’s VEO technology has the potential to change the face of CT technology by renegotiating the side effects of high-quality diagnostic imagery. The product, a result of more than ten years of collaboration between scientists and researchers from Purdue, Notre Dame and Michigan, uses an advanced data-based algorithm, MBiR, to create results that are [read more]

Doug Fridsma, MD Addresses ONC’s Role in Shaping the US “Healthcare Internet”

During the HIMSS12 conference, MedHealthWorld spoke with Doug Fridsma, MD, PhD, Director of the Office of Standards and Interoperability with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC).  Dr. Fridsma explained to MedHealthWorld that his personal mission at ONC is to create an environment in [read more]

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